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  1. Elect officials who understand the gravity of our situation.
  2. Make as many changes yourself to become carbon neutral.
  3. EDUCATE yourself and others about the dynamics of climate change and the urgency to NOT surpass the tipping points of 2 degrees Celsius and/or 425 ppm carbon.
  4. Share ItsMyClimate with everyone!!!
  5. Adjust Your Thermostat. 
  6.  Air Dry Your Clothes.   
  7. Be a Meat Reducer.   
  8. Bike more 
  9. Bring Cloth Bags to the Market.  
  10. Buy a Fuel Efficient Car.  
  11. Buy A Hybrid or Electric Car.  
  12. Buy Energy Certificates.  
  13. Buy Minimally Packaged Goods.  
  14. Buy Products Locally.  
  15. Carpool When You Can.  
  16. Change the AC Filter. 
  17. Change Your Air Filter. 
  18. Check Your Water heater. 
  19. Compost. 
  20. Ditch the Plastic. 
  21. Don’t Idle in Your Car. 
  22. Drive less 
  23. Eat smarter. 
  24. Fill The Dishwasher. 
  25. Inflate Your Tires. 
  26. Install a Low-Flow Shower head. 
  27. Insulate Your Home. 
  28. Insulate Your Water Heater. 
  29. Plant a Tree. 
  30. Put on a Sweater. 
  31. Reduce Garbage. 
  32. Replace Old Appliances. 
  33. Switch to a Tankless Water Heater. 
  34. Switch to Double Pane Windows. 
  35. Take Shorter Showers. 
  36. Turn off lights as much as possible. 
  37. Turn off Your Computer. 
  38. Unplug devices. 
  39. Unplug Un-Used Electronics. 
  40. Use a Push Mower. 
  41. Use Compact Fluorescent Bulbs. 
  42. Use Recycled Paper. 
  43. Walk more. 
  44. Weatherize Your Home. 
  45. Work from Home.
  46. Have a smaller family.
  47. Help businesses you trade with become more green.
  48. Teach others about the tipping points.
  49. Insist that government officials think and act from the imperative of the 2 degree Celsius and 425 ppm tipping points.
  50. Don't let anyone tell you this is not an emergence, or that science will fix it. 
  51. Add solar panels to your house. 
  52. Get a home energy audit. 
  53. Change light bulbs to LEDs. 
  54. Ask your utility company about buying clean electricity. 
  55. Clean or replace HVAC filters every three months. 
  56. Use a programmable thermostat. 
  57. Wash clothes in cold water. 
  58. Upcycle your furniture. 
  59. Recycle your clothes. 
  60. Buy new appliances with the Energy Star label. 
  61. Design your workspace around natural light. 
  62.  Unplug electronic devices when they aren't in use. 
  63. Obsess over every drop of water. 
  64. Build a downspout planter box Insulate. 
  65. Downsize. 
  66. Hack your thermostat. 
  67. Remove your lawn. 
  68. Buy furniture made with sustainably harvested wood. 
  69. Don’t buy a new home; renovate an old one. 
  70. Xeriscape your yard. 
  71. Hang-dry your clothes instead of using the dryer. 
  72. Recycle. 
  73. Plant a community garden. 
  74.  Start or support an urban farm. 
  75. Eat less meat. 
  76. Reduce food waste. 
  77. Don't drink bottled water. 
  78. Plant your own vegetable garden. 
  79. Join a CSA. Community-Supported Agriculture. 
  80. Start composting. 
  81. Start walking. 
  82. Work from home one day each week. 
  83. Make sure your tires are properly inflated. 
  84. Calculate your carbon footprint. 
  85. Check your gas cap. 
  86. Map a two-mile circle around your house and walk everywhere within it. 
  87. Only wash your car in a self-serve car wash. 
  88. Take public transit. 
  89.  Download a transit app. 
  90. Buy carbon offsets when you fly. 
  91. Bring your own shopping bags. 
  92. Ride the bus. 
  93. Pick up trash. 
  94. Turn off your engine. 
  95. Become a member of your city’s bike-sharing program. 
  96. Just ride a bike. 
  97. Start a carpool. 
  98. Try commuting with an electric bike. 
  99. Opt for a cargo bike. 
  100. Use car sharing. 
  101.  Replace your current car with an electric vehicle 
  102. Sign up for an autonomous-vehicle pilot program. 
  103. Turn a parking space into a park. 
  104.  Plant a tree. 
  105. Shop locally.
  106. Pedestrianize a street. 
  107. Help track and measure green performance in your building. 
  108. Get inspired by a similar city. 
  109. Green your parkway. 
  110. Buy vintage. 
  111. Put books about climate change in your nearest little free library. 
  112. Support your local river clean-up. 
  113. Retrofit your local highway. 
  114. Preserve the night sky. 
  115.  Learn how sea-level rise will affect your city. 
  116. Advocate for better building codes, energy efficiency, and transparency. 
  117. Attend a town hall. 
  118. Tell your city to go car-free. 
  119. Support transit-oriented development. 
  120. Say yes to transportation initiatives. 
  121. Fight parking minimums. 
  122. Keep the fossil fuel industry accountable. 
  123.  Push your city to support 100 percent clean energy. 
  124. Come together to combat climate change. 
  125. Listen to the best climate podcast. 
  126. Read a book. 
  127.  Get your kids on board. 
  128. Support a carbon tax. 
  129. Find out where your reps stand. 
  130. Support publications reporting on climate change. 
  131. Map local air pollution. 
  132. Support corporate sustainability initiatives, or start one at your office. 
  133. Understand how density fights climate change. 
  134. Back a scientist running for office. 
  135. Offset your carbon emissions. 
  136. Grasp the dynamics of climate change 
  137.  Join a climate action event. 
  138. Become a “planetary futurist.” 
  139. Follow female journalists. 
  140. Discuss, and advocate, for the environment in more concrete terms. 
  141. Disinvest from carbon-heavy industries. 
  142. Endorse the Paris agreement. 
  143. Work on a community solar project. 
  144.  Drive less. 
  145. Fly less. 
  146. Eat less meat.
  147. I think we need to see a day-to-day report of climate carbon and ground temperature, so we an see if we are making progress.

What do YOU think we need to do to save the world? 

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