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French President Macron's remarks put into video format

1.2 is the new 1.5

The Price of Ignorance

Recent IPCC Climate Report - pdf

In 2017, General Paul Selva, Joint Chiefs vice chair, stated bluntly that “the dynamics that are happening in our climate will drive uncertainty and will drive conflict.”

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"If you want to be good, do what you should.
If you want to be great, collaborate!"


"We are treating the atmosphere like an open sewer."

1.5 Committment

Click here to learn about the 1.5 goal and ecosystem restoration.

"Be Part of the Solution"

Ecosystem Restoration Video. 1.5 Degrees Celsius is the Only Goal!

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Tipping Point Demonstration

What do YOU think we need to do to save the world? 

These 40 videos may change your life, and the planet!
Produced by the LoveShift Team ~ Palo Alto

Tipping Dynamics Video


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